We are a Missouri state-wide farm and land sales company


What a fabulous year 2018 was. We once again had an incredible record breaking year in land sales and I am sure that once again we proved why we are consistently recognized as one of the leading land and farm sales company in this great state of Missouri. We are proud to be in this business. We have been actively engaged in farming, the cattle business and farm and ranch ownership for over 6 generations. We know the business of land and the people that own and care for it. We are proud that we have built a great business by relationships. We do not send random postcards asking for listings, we live on our referrals and consider it an honor to be able to represent a client in selling sometimes their biggest financial investment. We are a small independent company and you always know what and who you will be dealing with. We are proud of our reputation and the fact that we do so much business with the FDIC, banks, attorneys, trust departments, professionals and business people. When we list property we make every effort to not only make the sale but to get your property in front of the most highly qualified buyers and to maximize your price. Whenever you are ready to list or buy your land please give us the opportunity to meet with you. I know you will be glad that you did.

Jared Chambers


Schnarre road ranch


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