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Steelville, Missouri
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7 Bedrooms
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7 Bathrooms
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12,000 Sq. Ft.
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12,000 Sq. Ft.

Eilbrunn Farm

Location: Steelville, MO

Land: 300-350+/- acres open ground (Total land not specified)

Amenities: Main Spanish style mansion, 3 other homes, numerous outbuildings, 2 named springs (Collins Spring and Evans Spring), Whittenburg Creek, 2 named caves, historical significance.

Price: $3,490,000

Description: Eilbrunn Farm, often known as the Welch Baby Carriage mansion or Glenn Ellen, stands as a beacon of historical prominence in Crawford County. Located about 1.5 hours SW of St. Louis, amidst the serene Missouri Ozarks, this sprawling estate is steeped in rich heritage and stories. Dominating the landscape is the magnificent Spanish Moorish styled mansion, once called the Cloisters, built by the Collins family in 1926 with deep connections to Brown Shoe Co. The estate has the prestige of housing the Evans Spring, which in the early 1900s powered not just the farm but also the surrounding Crawford County area.

The lush fields, capable of supporting 70+/- cow/calf pairs, flank the main residence. Other notable features include three additional wood-framed homes and multiple practical outbuildings. The farm's two named springs, Collins and Evans, flow into the Whittenburg Creek which eventually meets the Meramec River. Astoundingly, the creek has seen catches like a 26″ Brown Trout and a 27″ Rainbow Trout. History also whispers tales of the farm's past; from its inception by inventors of the collapsible baby carriage to the German-inspired name, Eilbrunn, symbolizing 'spring' or 'fountain of water'. The farm's fields even saw days as grape vineyards, hinting at the land's versatility. Eilbrunn Farm isn't just property; it's an emblem of timeless stories, opportunities, and the richness of Missouri's landscape.

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