Hobo Road

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Steelville, Missouri
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51± acres 
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20 Minutes from Steelville
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$50 Taxes
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51± acres 

Hobo Road

Location: Steelville, Missouri

Land: Secluded property

Amenities: Natural setting, untouched landscapes, proximity to recreational activities, rock formations, wet weather creek.

Price: $150,000

Description: Hobo Road is a rare find for nature enthusiasts and seekers of solitude. Situated in the heart of Missouri, this secluded property provides a serene backdrop for relaxation or outdoor activities. Surrounded on three sides by thousands of acres of Federal Forest Land, it ensures unparalleled privacy and a genuine wilderness experience.

Rich in timber and abundant wildlife, Hobo Road is a dream for hunters or anyone looking to immerse themselves in the beauty of nature. The property boasts intriguing rock and geological formations, adding a unique touch to its already captivating landscape. Additionally, a wet weather creek winds its way through, enriching the land's natural appeal.

Situated just 20 minutes from Steelville, MO, Hobo Road also offers quick access to a host of renowned local outdoor recreational activities, including the clear river floating adventures the area is famous for. Furthermore, with annual taxes below $50 and a community of great neighbors nearby, it's not just a property but a genuine retreat.

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