R&G Ranch | MLS # 21017255 | SOLD

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St. Louis, Missouri
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Up to order
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45 min from STL
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Bordered by two paved roads
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Up to order

R&G Ranch | MLS # 21017255 | SOLD

Location: 45 minutes from St. Louis, Missouri

Land: Up to order

Amenities: Proximity to the Big River, vast tracts of income-generating ground, well-maintained paved roads

Price: $1,492,800

Description: Just 45 minutes from St. Louis, the R&G Ranch emerges as a robust investment proposition, especially with the surge in farm land and commodity values. Its unique selling point? Proximity to the Big River, coupled with vast tracts of income-generating ground. Beyond its economic potential, the property promises endless recreational avenues, with well-maintained paved roads ensuring accessibility. Size, Location and price are all made to order with this purchase.

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