Red Moose Winery | MLS# 22016637 | SOLD

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Steelville, Missouri
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4 +/- acres
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2 hours from STL
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4 +/- acres

Red Moose Winery/Vineyard | MLS# 22016637 | SOLD

Location: Steelville, Missouri

Land: Includes a 4-acre grape vineyard

Amenities: Two-bedroom wooden interior abode, essential wine-making equipment

Price: $649,000

Description: Imagine owning a vibrant winery, complete with a 4-acre grape vineyard, a two-bedroom wooden interior abode, and all essential wine-making equipment. Red Moose Vineyard brings this dream to life. Located a stone's throw from a stocked lake and a gentle stream, the winery offers an immersive experience in wine culture. Whether you envision a thriving business or a serene family getaway, this place, with its myriad possibilities, beckons.

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