The Apache Farm | MLS #21002832 | SOLD

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Pike County, Missouri
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414+/- acres
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1 Hour and 15 from STL
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66.3 acres in CRP
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414+/- acres

The Apache Farm | MLS #21002832 | SOLD

Location: Pike County, approx. 1 hour 15 minutes from St. Louis, Missouri

Land: 414+/- acres

Amenities: Pristine timber, water bodies, pastures, crop grounds, CRP zones, Pollinator field CRP

Price: $2,898,000

Description: Located in coveted Pike County, an hour and fifteen from St. Louis, The Apache Farm is the epitome of grandeur and precision. A sprawling 414+/- acre estate, it offers everything: pristine timber, water bodies, pastures, crop grounds, and CRP zones. The property resonates with the meticulous care and first-class treatment by its owners, promising unparalleled experiences. With its diverse acreage breakdown and the unique Pollinator field CRP, this farm isn't just land; it's legacy.

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