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Steelville, Missouri
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730 Acres
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2 Hours From STL
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730 Acres

The Howland Ranch

Location: Steelville, MO

Land: 730 acres±, 400± acres of open ground

Amenities: Two barns, 1 machine shed, multiple ponds, a creek, fenced and cross-fenced, about 400± acres of open ground.

Price: $3,800 per acre or $2,774,000.

Description: The Howland Ranch, situated in the heart of Steelville, MO, boasts an impressive 730± acres of well-maintained land, reflecting years of dedicated stewardship by the same family. A testament to both natural splendor and meticulous care, this ranch has it all. The main ranch house stands as a symbol of comfort, imbued with the genuine rustic aura that is unique to ranch properties. The property is accentuated by two robust barns and a machine shed, designed for multifaceted agricultural pursuits, be it livestock management or storage needs.

One of the ranch's most captivating features is its generous 400± acres of open land, a perfect haven for livestock grazing. As stated by the ranch manager, this expansive space can comfortably sustain 80-95 cow-calf pairs. Complementing this is the ranch's intricate system of fences and cross-fences, ensuring organized and efficient livestock management. Anglers will appreciate the multiple ponds and a creek, teeming with aquatic life. The surrounding mature timber not only adds to the scenic beauty but also makes it a hotspot for diverse wildlife. The ranch's bordering with conservation ground and forest land on two sides further enhances its ecological significance and potential for outdoor adventures. Positioned a mere 2 hours from St. Louis and with the conveniences of Steelville close by, The Howland Ranch emerges as an unrivaled blend of seclusion, utility, and natural beauty.

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