A little of my history and thoughts on land buying

Yes this is my first attempt to blog and who knows. I have already by accident erased my first copy which I thought was pretty good so who knows if I am cut out to get this done? Anyway I will try again:

I have had an interest in land ownership and farming since I was to little to remember. Farming and cattle has always been in my families blood and my grandmothers farm has been in our family for over 90+ years. I bought my first farm in the early 1980's and was also just  married. I paid $500 per acre for 640 acres and got my down payment thru the beginning farmers program at the FHA. The supervisor and I wore down many pencil eraser's trying to figure out on paper how to make payments with 60 cent cattle and $1.40 corn. I don't think we ever did figure it out but in a years time the farm went from $500 per acre to $100 per acre and you couldn't even beg someone to buy it and this was right after the great farming years of the 1970's. Anyway long story is the government came out with a program called CRP, which is a total separate blog and  I somehow kept the farm and the question is when they were telling me how smart I was when I bought this farm in the 80's what are they telling the land buyers now? There is no way or barely anyway that the farmers can afford to pay the current rents and land payments at these crop prices. The good years in the cattle business will slowly go away and then what will happen to the land prices? I often hear the line from the famous, Will Rogers that "they aint making it anymore" but every time a farmer dies the land becomes available and with taxes and prices and family and the avg age of todays farmer  it is going to become more available and probably cheaper. I am still a big believer in land and would never do without but it is partly because of my love of independence and freedom that it brings and especially in todays world this counts for a lot.