When I put my first crop in ground it was 1978 and farming was no where it is today. We were some of the first people in N. MO to go total no till farming. It was quite a sight and there was quite a commotion with the neighbors. We did not have Roundup and we mostly sprayed with Paraquat or what many people said was a form of agent orange. Anyway long story short is that there was always an article on the average acre of N.MO farm land lost due to erosion was 3+/- tons of soil per acre with conventional farming. With that said there has been a gigantic rush with all the government agencies to somehow control the soil and ultimately the quality of water.  We are so very lucky to live in the state of Missouri as we are blessed with an abundance of water. I cannot begin to tell you how many times we have showed farms and cattle ranches to out of state buyers who come to MO for the water. I have been preaching on and on about the increasing value and importance of clean water and am I very proud of the listings that I have that are highlighted by springs, running creeks, rivers or just good clean abundant ponds.  There have been many smart people who have said the last fight on earth will be over water. What ever you think I will say that water is becoming the new commodity that will forever be in the news. Just look out west and you will appreciate what we have here in the Midwest. We are so lucky to have this abundant clean water and land prices that have yet to reflect the shortage. Yes, we need to take care of it and keep it clean and NO we do not need any government agency to tell us how to take care of it on our private land.  I think that todays farmers and land owners are well qualified and smart enough to realize that they need to protect all the God given resources that have been given to them and you can see that most farmers do no till farming or at least minimum tillage to protect all their resources.