Land Parceling

I have been in the farming and ranching business for nearly my entire life and in the farm and land sales business for close to 35 years. Often times when  I am called to look/ list a clients property I am almost always shocked by how they have parceled the land up. They have a beautiful piece of land and usually with a unique selling piece that would make the rest of the farm really worth something. For what ever the reason; money, neighbors, a pushy previous real estate agent that wants a fast sale they have carved out often times the piece that brings the most value to the total property sale. Which brings me to the reason for this blog, land can be parceled off  and sold, I understand that money talks, so do fast talking neighbors or real estate agents looking for a quick sale  but please before you parcel off contact a reputable land broker. In the end you will be so happy that you got the advice you needed to bring the most value to the acreage you have left. Neighbors can be great but times change and people pass on and land changes hands, it upsets me to see properties carved up for a quick sale ... only for the rest of the property to be devalued because it was not parceled off correctly and/or the property is much more difficult to sell because of the way it was parceled off. So before you parcel seek the advice of a land specialist, it can be quick and definitely worth your financial pay off.