Real Estate the Right Way

On my recent travels I was so impressed with the service that I received from a variety of people. The trip to the south got me thinking about what makes a quality business.... of course service but what kind of service? Service with a personal touch, caring, attentive, light hearted and most of all fun.  In my business of real estate it is a tremendous investment.  It should be done in a caring, attentive and yet fun environment. Yet I was also impressed with the knowledge of the staff for which I had contact with.  They knew their product and they were enthusiastic about what they were selling.... they knew all about what they were selling and explained with great detail.  

Real estate companies and agents have the same tools....or do they?  Do they have the knowledge that is needed to satisfy the buyer, do they have the attention to detail and do they have the enhusiasm for what they are selling to finish the job???? I know one thing Bailey Properties does! Interview others and see for yourself.