Recent Land Thought

I was calling my very good friend yesterday to wish him a happy birthday. He used to run the Farm Service Agency or when I was farming the ASCS or the Agricultural Stabilization Conservation Service. The office is probably the biggest bank in the country but would never admit it. They are responsible for all the farm programs, crop insurance, reporting, etc. etc. They are a gigantic government program service that basically keeps a lot of farmers in business. Yes, I was a major participant. Anyway, we were talking and when I was farming in the 1980's they were very very difficult years even for farmers who were a lot better farmers and ranchers than me. We were dealing with 15% +/- interest, low commodity prices with no market, depressed land prices, just a total bad time to be a farmer. Well, I had to sell a farm to raise cash to stay in business and I have always felt bad since and I asked him when I was trying to figure out which farm to sell and he told me and said if you wait long enough you will probably be able to buy it for half what you sold it for. In our conversation yesterday I asked him again about this and he not only agreed with what he said but mentioned that maybe I could buy it back one of these days for a quarter of what I sold it for. These major farmers today have got a ton of debt, crop and livestock inputs are sky high and the interest is going to start to rise, the technology and science is there to increase yields and we are like the 80's scaring our foreign markets. Just a thought and maybe I should start to get serious about saving money for the next land buying opportunity.